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Hand-turned, custom made pens, pencils, and other items

This all started with St. Matthew-Wesley United and finding a way to preserve the memory of the church. By gathering a collection of reclaimed wood from inside the church (with permission, of course) I have been turning pews, window trim, and other pieces of wood into unique and custom pens since 2022.

Since then, I've expanded to gather a collection of over 30 types of wood to make ballpoint pens, fountain pens, pencils, darts, tree ornaments, salt & pepper shakers, cups, bowls, and more!


Custom Turned Wood Pens

From almost any type of wood, to an endless combination of shapes and styles. Skinny ballpoint, heavy ballpoint, fountain, twist, click, etc. it can all be done!


St Matthew-Wesley Pew Pens & Books

Made from wood taken from the inside of the church before demolition, each item is a truly unique gift to remember the building by.

Pens, Books, and Custom Items: Services
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